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Pusic, A.D. and Kraig, R.P. (2015) Phasic treatment with interferon gamma stimulates release of exosomes that protect against spreading depression.  J Interferon Cytokine Res. Pub Med

Pusic, A.D., Mitchell, H.M., Kunkler, P.E., Klauer, N., Kraig, R.P. (2015) Spreading depression transiently disrupts myelin via interferon-gamma signaling.  Exp Neurol. Pub Med

Pusic, K.M., Pusic, A.D., Kemme, J., Kraig, R.P. (2014) Spreading depression requires microglia and is decreased by their M2a polarization from environmental enrichment. Glia. Pub Med

Pusic, A.D., Pusic, K.M., Kraig, R.P. (2014) What are exosomes and how can they be used in multiple sclerosis therapy? Expert Rev Neurotherapeutics. PubMed

Pusic, A.D., Kraig, R.P. (2014) Youth and environmental enrichment generate serum exosomes containing miR-219 that promote CNS myelination. Glia.  PubMed

Pusic, A.D., Pusic, K.M., Kraig, R.P. (2014) IFNγ Stimulated dendritic cell exosomes as a potential therapeutic for remyelination. J Neuroimmunology.  PubMed   

Grinberg, Y.Y., Dibbern, M.E., Levasseur, V.A., Kraig, R.P. (2013) Insulin-like growth factor-1 abrogates microglial oxidative stress and TNF-α responses to spreading depression.  J Neurochem. PubMed

Grinberg Y.Y., van Drongelen, W., Kraig, R.P. (2012) Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Lowers Spreading Depression Susceptibility and Reduces Oxidative Stress. J Neurochem [doi: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2012.07763.x.] PubMed

Pusic, A. D., Grinberg, Y. Y., Mitchell, H. M. and Kraig, R. P. (2011) Modeling neural immune signaling of episodic and chronic migraine using spreading depression in vitro. J Vis Exp.  PubMed

Cipolla, M. J., Houston, E. M., Kraig, R. P. and Bonney, E. A. (2011) Differential effects of low-dose endotoxin on the cerebral circulation during pregnancy. Reproductive Sciences.  PubMed

Grinberg, Y. Y., Milton, J. G. and Kraig, R. P. (2011) Spreading depression sends microglia on Levy flights. PLoS One, 6, e19294.  PubMed

Domowicz, M. S., Henry, J. G., Wadlington, N., Navarro, A., Kraig, R. P. and Schwartz, N. B. (2011) Astrocyte precursor response to embryonic brain injury. Brain Research, 1389, 35-49.  PubMed

Mitchell, H. M., White, D. M., Domowicz, M. S. and Kraig, R. P. (2011) Cold pre-conditioning neuroprotection depends on TNF-alpha and is enhanced by blockade of interleukin-11. J Neurochem, 117, 187-196.  PubMed   

Kraig, R. P., Mitchell, H. M., Christie-Pope, B., Kunkler, P. E., White, D. M., Tang, Y. P. and Langan, G. (2010) TNF-alpha and microglial hormetic involvement in neurological health & migraine. Dose Response, 8, 389-413.  PubMed

Mitchell, H. M., White, D. M. and Kraig, R. P. (2010) Strategies for study of neuroprotection from cold-preconditioning. J Vis Exp.  PubMed

Hulse, R. E., Swenson, W. G., Kunkler, P. E., White, D. M. and Kraig, R. P. (2008) Monomeric IgG is neuroprotective via enhancing microglial recycling endocytosis and TNF-alpha. J Neurosci, 28, 12199-12211.  PubMed

Lin, W., Kunkler, P. E., Harding, H. P., Ron, D., Kraig, R. P. and Popko, B. (2008) Enhanced integrated stress response promotes myelinating oligodendrocyte survival in response to interferon-γ. The American Journal of Pathology, 173, 1508-1517.  PubMed

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Pusic, K.M., Grinberg, Y.Y., Kraig, R.P., Pusic, A.D., Exosome-based therapeutics against neurodegenerative disorders.  International patent application (PCT/US2013/055187; August 15, 2013).

Kraig, R., Pusic, A., Mitchell, H., Grinberg, Y., Kraig, M., Treatments for migraine and related disorders.  International patent application (PCT/US2012/047683; July 20, 2012).